Big Ant Would Love Ashes Cricket To Be On Nintendo Switch

Earlier this week, we had the chance to speak to Ross Symons, the CEO of Big Ant about the newly announced Ashes game, improvements that have been made to mechanics in the cricket franchise and what it means for Big Ant to now be developing and publishing games.

Ashes has so far only been announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC. So far, we’ve seen that sporting games have been a great success on Nintendo Switch due to the fact that people love playing sports games on the go. Ashes (as well as games such as Rugby League Live and AFL Evolution) haven’t come to Nintendo Switch despite the fact that we’ve seen Australian sporting games on Nintendo consoles in the past.

Currently, there appears to be no plans to bring Ashes to the Nintendo Switch, but this doesn’t appear to be due to the fact that Big Ant don’t want it on the platform.

“I would love to do the Switch; the Switch is made for this. There’s nothing like Cricket and using something like the Switch where you have the motion controllers – it just makes sense. Unfortunately I did reach out to Nintendo but it didn’t get much of a response. We’ve made games for Nintendo systems in the past, but I really hope we can support the Switch because it really does make a lot of sense, especially with motion controllers and cricket going together.” said Big Ant’s Symons.

“A little bit of that is up to Nintendo – we need to get someone from Nintendo who wants a cricket game on their system and then we’re up for it.” continued Symons.

Ashes Cricket will be the first time that Big Ant self publishes a game (with distribution by Five Star Games).

“We’re the first developer in this country to actually be developing and publishing. It’s an amazing difference; it’s taken me 15 years to be able to get the ability to print a disc with Microsoft and we’re finally doing that this year.” said Symons.

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