Someone Is Trying To Kickstart A Super Mario RPG Sequel

Yep, this is definitely a weird one.

There’s no doubt in the world that Super Mario RPG is an amazing game. I don’t think that Nintendo are going to buy that when they realised that somebody is trying to kickstart a sequel.

This isn’t a game inspired by Super Mario RPG, or a spiritual successor, it’s literally a freeware sequel to the original Nintendo property using the exact same name.

The person behind the Kickstarter is trying to get $10,000 which he believes is enough money to kickstart the game and also fend off Nintendo’s lawyers.

It’s no secret that Nintendo will take down anything that uses their properties even if the creator isn’t making any money. We’ve seen it with AM2R which was an amazing Metroid 2 Remake and more recently, Pokemon Uranium which was also an amazing game that Nintendo took down without hesitation.

You can find the Kickstarter right HERE. I don’t suspect it’ll last too long. It’s got $85 to date. I also have to wonder what kind of accountability that Kickstarter have to take in this. Should they be checking to make sure that Kickstarter’s don’t cross any copyright infringements?