Mario + Rabbids’ First DLC Certainly Has Crept Up On Us

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is one of the year’s most quirky, memorable gems for the Nintendo Switch. It also released with a season pass which, until now, has sort of been somewhat of an unknown quantity.

Recent receipts for season pass purchases have now dictated that the two major content packs, following up from the Pixel and Steampunk weapon packs we were treated to near launch, are going to be released today, October 17, and on January 16.

It’s understood that today’s DLC, the Ultra Challenge Pack, is currently rolling out and requires a manual update to access it.

It includes Special Challenges in the form of difficult maps that are reachable from the Secret Area in each of the game’s four worlds. It also includes Cataclysm Kerfuffle, a co-op campaign consisting of five maps, as well as unlockable hard mode versions.

The content releasing in January is going to be story-related, so that’s certainly one to be excited about also.

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