Gold MyNintendo Points Will Soon Be Redeemable On The Nintendo Switch eShop But It Feels Kind Of Pointless

We’ve been able to earn gold My Nintendo points since the Nintendo Switch released in March, but Nintendo had always insisted that a way to spend these gold points on Nintendo Switch was on the way.

Well, they’ve finally announced that we’ll be able to spend these points in March, but it’s a little bit disappointing.

In Australia, you’ll get 1 cent (yes 1 cent) for every 1 gold coin that you have in your account. This means that if you have 250 points, then you’ll save $2.50 on an eShop purchase.

Basically, you’ll get 5% of the amount of gold coins that you spend on the eShop so $50 will translate to 250 golds points (or $2.50 in saving) or 1% of the undercounted price of that game based on the price on the eShop when redeeming carts.

It could be worse as obviously Nintendo is helping you save money along the way, but it does feel a little lacklustre waiting nearly a year for something so measly.

You can read more about this MyNintendo program and see how many points you have right HERE.