The Next Super Smash Bros Character Reveal Has Seemingly Leaked

Nintendo has seemingly leaked the next character reveal for Super Smash Bros Ultimate ahead of tonight’s Nintendo Direct (which is focusing on Super Smash Bros Ultimate).


The leak came in the form of a soundtrack that was uploaded to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate. It’s the Galaga medley, but in the past few hours, the title of the video has been changed to ‘Bloody Tears/Monster Dance’. These are both songs from the Castlevania series.

This likely means that Simon Belmont, the protagonist of the Castlevania series will be revealed tonight as one of the new challengers in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Belmont has been rumoured to be an inclusion alongside Ridley for months, so it’s not a massive surprise, but his inclusion will most likely be favoured by many Smash Bros fans alongside the likes of Mega Man, Pac-Man and other iconic characters from gaming history.

The Castlevania song kicks in at about 0:30 seconds in the below video that is featured on Nintendo’s channel.

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