Ken, Incineroar And Piranha Plant Are Coming To Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Nintendo took to the Nintendo Direct stage overnight to reveal that the last two fighters would be Ken from Street Fighter (as an echo fighter) and Incineroar who is the advanced evolution of Litten. These would round out the remaining two fighters at launch.

However, it was Nintendo’s first DLC character that surprised and delighted. Those that purchase the game before January 31st, 2019 will get Piranha Plant (complete with Petey Piranha as the Ultimate Smash) for free when he launches in February, 2019. He will also be available for purchase at a later date.

Nintendo also confirmed that they were working on five fighter packs, which would include a fighter, a new playable stage and a variety of music packs. These will be available to purchase separately or as one DLC pack when the game launches.