There’s A Whole Lot Of Mana Coming To Your Switch Soon, Including A Trials Of Mana Remake

Square Enix had a lot to show during the Nintendo Direct this evening, and one of their major announcements was a collection of games from the Mana series, some of which had never been released outside of Japan until now.

First off, Collection of Mana brings together the first three titles in the series to Nintendo Switch in on package. The collection is a bundle that is best for newer fans, without a doubt, though I’m sure the odd nostalgia chaser will give it a go too. Collection of Mana is available now on the eShop!

The other major announcement is Trials of Mana, which is a full high definition remake of the third entry in the series. Previously released in Japan as Seiken Densetsu 3, the entire game has been built from the ground up with modern visuals. Trials of Mana is due for launch in early 2020.