Rocket League

Rocket League Is Going Free To Play Forever Next Week

After launching five years ago on PlayStation Plus, Rocket League is going free to play permanently on all platforms. At 1am on September 24th, Rocket League will go free to play on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and the Epic Games Store.

Along with the game going free to play, the game will get cross-platform progression which you’ll be able to start syncing up tomorrow. Any items that you’ve purchased whilst owning the game will come along with you too.

It’s worth mentioning that those that if you add Rocket League to your Epic Games Store library (for free) within September 23rd and October 23rd, you’ll get $10 of credit to spend on other games and add ons.


  • New Quick Chats

  • Heatseeker in Private Matches

  • Larger item pool for Trade Ups

  • Solo Standard removed

  • New Bot difficulty

  • New Merc Hitbox

  • Rocket League X Monstercat Remixes

  • Updated Menu

  • Changes to Achievements

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