Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap Just Got A Release Date And A New Trailer

Nintendo has confirmed the first game to release in Pokemon’s 25th anniversary year and it’s New Pokemon Snap. The game will be releasing on April 30th which is definitely a lot sooner than expected.

The game takes place in the Lental region where you’ll venture from island to island on an ecological survey building up the Pokemon Photodex by taking photos.


The trailer doesn’t reveal a whole lot of new things about the game, but it does show off some of the Pokemon that will be in the new version as well as some of the flora and fauna that we can expect to see in our journeys.

As per Nintendo’s website, the game will allow us to explore beaches, jungles, deserts and more trying to take photos of more than 200 Pokemon.

It’s unclear at this point if the game will be getting a physical release or just release on the Nintendo eShop but we’ll keep you posted.

It’ll be interesting to see what else The Pokemon Company have in store for this year.