LEGO Sonic

A Sonic The Hedgehog LEGO Set Is On The Way With Zelda And Metroid Sets Also A Possibility

LEGO has announced that after the submissions of a Sonic the Hedgehog set to LEGO Ideas, the set will be created and sold to the public.

For those that aren’t aware, LEGO Ideas is an online community where hardcore LEGO creators can submit sets that they have created. If these sets get 10,000 fan votes, they’re sent to the overlords at LEGO to decide on whether they will become actual sets. Obviously, LEGO would then need to seek approval on licensing and such, which they’ve done for Sonic because his set is actually happening.

Unlike the Mario sets that released last year, this is much more of a traditional set, focusing on Sonic Mania. It features Sonic, a bunch of enemies and items from his world.

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In even more exciting news, sets for Metroid as well as The Legend of Zelda are in review at LEGO after receiving 10,000 votes. These will presumably be a bit harder to get across the line with Nintendo, but considering they’re already partnered on Mario, I’d have to think that it will be a matter of when and not if.

The Zelda one in particular is a build of Hyrule Castle, which would definitely be snapped up by a lot of Nintendo fans. We’ll keep you posted when we have release information for the Sonic set and if these other two get approved for release.