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Three New SEGA Mega Drives Games Just Got Added To Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass

Including Sonic Spinball!

Nintendo has just dropped a trio of new SEGA Mega Drive games for subscribers to the Expansion Pass tier of Nintendo Switch Online.

The games include Space Harrier II, Shining Force II and Sonic Spinball.

Space Harrier II is a third-person arcade rail shooter that pioneered early sound tech on the Mega Drive/Genesis, while Shining Force II is a classic in the tactical RPG genre that expanded on its predecessor with more player freedom. Sonic Spinball should need no introduction – it’s a pinball game where players control Sonic as the ball in elaborate pinball machine environments.

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If you’re keen for the full retro Mega Drive experience, members can still order the wireless SEGA Mega Drive Control Pad through the My Nintendo store here.

Check out the announcement trailer:

In recent Sonic news, Sonic Origins’ release date and pricing model was just revealed and it’s a bit odd.