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Nintendo Just Shared A Secret Switch Sports Code To Summon A Wii Sports Legend


Nintendo Switch Sports launched back in April and has seen a steady-ish stream of updates since, adding in new features like full Leg Strap support and adjusting some ranking stuff, but today they dropped a bombshell feature that wasn’t in the patch notes.

Out of nowhere, the Nintendo of America account tweeted, “Interested in a tougher challenge in #NintendoSwitchSports? Try entering ZR + R + A or ZL + L + ? on the difficulty select screen” along with an in-game screenshot showing them squaring off in Chambara against “Matt”.

If you know your Wii Sports memes well, you’ll know that Matt is a legend among the community for being an absolute menace in Boxing (and Swordplay in Wii Sports Resort). He acted as your trainer in the original Wii Sports, and was the most difficult Boxing opponent in the game – and now he’s back to grind you to dust once again.

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We tested this ourselves and, yep, there he is. It’s worth noting that we could only get him to show up in Chambara (which makes sense given Swordplay is his thing) and there’s no prompt or chime to show you’ve entered the code correctly. Doing the same in other sports did pit us against “Legend” opponents, though.

switch sports matt

Nintendo Switch Sports is available now for a special price of $57.90 on Amazon with free shipping.