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Nintendo Is Bringing Switch Sports Back Online This Week After Squashing Some Nasty Bugs

Sports are back on!

Nintendo is bringing Switch Sports back online this week after it took servers offline last Friday, due to a bug in its most recent 1.2.1 title update that was found to be causing crashes during loading screens.

The company announced that it would be releasing two new updates for the game, one today and another on October 20th, which will restore both online play and save data backup, respectively. According to the official Japanese website, Nintendo plans to have server maintenance finished in time for the first patch, which will hopefully enable players to get online again but is something it says it can’t promise will work before the later update on Thursday.

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As compensation, Nintendo has promised to extend all Switch Sports players’ Nintendo Switch Online memberships by a period of one week and will also activate doubled in-game reward points between today and November 3rd for all online players.

In other, recent, Switch Sports news the game’s much-anticipated free Golf mode update was delayed until “holiday” this year. It’ll include returning holes from the Wii Sports iteration of golf as well as a Survival Golf mode when played online.

Nintendo Switch Sports is currently available for $54 from Amazon HERE.