A Surprise Sequel To 1-2 Switch Just Got Announced

Just what everybody wanted!

Remember 1-2 Switch? The notoriously average party game that launched with the Nintendo Switch had its brief time in the sun while software pickings on Nintendo’s handheld were still comparatively slim in 2017, but it’s since been relegated to cupboards and EB Games pre-owned landfill since.

Well, apparently Nintendo never forgot, because a sequel is coming this month.

Yep, Everybody 1-2 Switch is a follow-up bringing an all new collection of Joy-Con-based minigames for groups of players to the Switch on June 30th and you can already pre-order it on the eShop for $49.95.

Word on the street since around this time last year is that Nintendo has been sitting on this sequel for some time, trying to figure out what to do with it. If true, the decision to finally drop it in June 2023 is certainly something – I guess they had to give Tears of the Kingdom a bit of space so they didn’t cannibalise sales.

The Nintendo eShop description reads:

Get together in groups and compete in a host of weird and wonderful minigames, featuring everything from balloons to aliens, and much more! In those games, you’ll use your Joy-Con controller or smart device in fun and unique ways, earning points for your team. In time-honoured fashion, the team with the most points gets to claim the glory! We’ll be sharing more information about Everybody 1-2-Switch! in the near future, so be sure to check back soon.

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In our original review of the much-more-expensive original 1-2 Switch! we said: “It’s hard to recommend 1-2 Switch at $70+. It’s a fun collection of mini games that for the most part do a really good job to show off the potential of Nintendo’s new Joy-Cons. However, you’re only likely to want to play each mini game once and they’re that damn cringe-worthy, that you’ll only want to pull this game out for a certain bunch of friends or family.”