Temple Run 2 A Runaway Success!

Can you escape with the cursed idol and out run the monkey? Temple Run 2 will definitely test your adventurer skills and reaction time. Watch out for perilous cliffs and head banging barricades!

Imangi Studios has done it again broken download records with the sequel to their first smash hit game, Temple Run. The developers of this wildly popular action game probably never dreamed they would have such great success.  Recent figures for Temple Run 2 show that this superbly done sequel had over as 50 million downloads in the first two weeks it was available for both iPhone, iPad  and Android applications.

Statistics show that the unbelievable success has been outstanding and reports of nearly 50 million downloads in just the first 15 days after launch on both Google Play and the App store are of such mammoth proportions all other game developers are highly envious.

Temple Run fans of all ages found that the sequel have delighted in the enhanced visuals, bigger monkey and wilder action of zip lines and mine carts.  Smoother action has players sliding under bridges, sprinting over barricades and collecting coins and crystals all while staying out of the monkey’s reach.  The enhanced graphics of the newer version are definite pluses.