You Can Now Buy Overwatch Loot Boxes With WoW Tokens

Time is money, friend! World of Warcraft’s in-game currency, known as WoW Tokens, have recently been revamped and can now be exchanged for a new, multi-purpose, in-game currency called Balance. Balance is a universal digital currency that can be used for in-game purchases in other Blizzard titles, for example, buying Loot Boxes in Overwatch.

Originally, WoW Tokens were designed to allow players to exchange World of Warcraft game time and in-game gold by selling Tokens to and purchasing Tokens from other players in the Auction House. Now players can use these tokens not only to earn gold or game time but also to add funds to their Balance. 

Each WoW Token is equivalent to $15USD in your Balance but varies in price in the auction house, some exceeding 100,000 gold for a single token.

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