Arkane Studio’s Founder Would Be Terrified If They Had To Develop A Half-Life Game Today

We spoke to Arkane Studio’s Founder Raphaël Colantonio about his work on Co-Directing the upcoming Prey.

Obviously, we had to ask him about Return To Ravenholm. For those that don’t know. Arkane were working on a cancelled Half-Life 2 Episode (often referred to as Episode 4). This was roughly a decade ago before it was scrapped for unknown reasons.

Return To Ravenholm Concept Art
Return To Ravenholm Concept Art

We asked Colantonio about what he’d personally do if he had the keys to Valve’s precious series today.

“If I could work on a Half-Life game now, that would be terrifying. A lot of people are still waiting for Half Life 3, so If I had to work on that, I would be absolutely  terrified. The bar was set so high back then, so I don’t think that anybody could ever meet expectations. To answer, I would rather not work on a Half-Life game.” said Colantonio

He then continued about the fact that it’s still a running joke among the team. “I’ll always joke with the designers about the fact that the Half-Life franchise would be the worst property for any developer to work on. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.” continued Colantonio.