Visceral’s Star Wars Plot And Character Have Possibly Leaked

Of all the Star Wars properties that EA is working on at present, Amy Hennig’s project with Visceral and Motive strikes out to me as one of the more promising of the bunch. Overnight, a bunch of details have landed with website Making Star Wars, which detail the game’s movie quality plot and lead.

The game, apparently dubbed “Project Ragtag”, takes place after A New Hope and just before The Empire Strikes Back.

The website’s sources told them that Todd Stashwick, who was once tied to Amy Hennig’s vision of Uncharted 4 before her departure, is, while also writing the project, playing the role of “Dodger”. It isn’t the character’s real name obviously, it was borne from the fact he became a figure of the criminal underworld after dodging the draft for Imperial service.

I won’t dive into the rest of the details for spoiler’s sake, but if you’re happy to potentially hear more about what Amy Hennig’s Star Wars could be, click through the above link to read a rather in-depth synopsis.

No release date is on the table yet for Visceral’s Star Wars title, though if the story development is this far along, it could be as early as next year.