GORN Is The Violent VR Gladiator Simulator You’ve Been Waiting For

Independent developer Free Lives who are responsible for Broforce and Genital Jousting have announced GORN, which is a brutal VR gladiator simulator to be published by Devolver Digital.

It’s going to release on Steam early-access on July 10th. So far, it’s only coming to Vive, but here’s hoping that it comes to PlayStation VR. I love silly VR games like this that allow me to live out my deepest, darkest fantasies.

The game features a physics driven combat system which will allow players to execute violent executions in virtual reality. You’ll be able to strike down some poorly-animated (their words) opponents with swords, maces, nunchucks, throwing knives and more. It goes without saying that this looks like the most brutal VR face-smashing game ever produced.