Facebook Has Acquired Beat Saber’s Development Studio

Facebook has today announced that they’ve acquired Beat Games, which is the development studio behind the massively successful Beat Saber.

Beat Saber is probably the most successful VR game to date, and has literally helped launched Facebook’s wire-free Oculus Quest.

Facebook has said in a blog post that the studio will still act independently and support the game on all consoles (PlayStation and other VR platforms). It has also said that it won’t have an impact on the 360 degree levels that are on the way or the modding community that have helped take Beat Saber to the next level.

Here’s what Facebook had to say in regards to why they wanted to acquire Beat Games:

Beat Games is a strong team with proven potential across VR, games, and music. With the resources and know-how that we can offer, Beat Games will be able to accelerate, adding more music and more exciting features to Beat Saber as well as bringing the game to more people.