All Of The Splinter Cell Games Are On Sale On Steam

Though the world has been long-deprived of Sam Fisher’s adventures and we’re all wondering what he’s up to these days, there’s no excuse not to revisit the franchise when they’re as cheap as they are right now.

Thanks to Wario64 over on Twitter, we’ve learned that all of the Splinter Cell titles are currently discounted by 75% on Steam, making it all too tempting to don the goggles and take part in a bit of international espionage.

The original game is obviously the cheapest at $1.87 while Splinter Cell Blacklist, the latest entry in the series, comes in at $7.48.

Here are all of the prices:

Go past the Bunnings snag this morning and jump back into any of the Splinter Cell games for a little over a gold coin donation.