Watch Dogs Legion Will Run At 4K, 30FPS With Ray Tracing On Xbox Series X And PS5

New information regarding Watch Dogs Legion’s performance has been unearthed during a Reddit AMA as the studio’s live producer Lathieeshe Thillainathan took the website to answer questions regarding the upcoming title.

It was confirmed that the game would run at 4K in 30FPS with ray-tracing enabled for both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. The producer’s answer was succinct and to the point, not offering up a lot more than that so we’re still in the dark on whether the game will support several performance modes like other next-gen offerings.

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Watch Dogs: Legion releases for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC through both Epic Games and Uplay.

The game will also be available to coincide with the launches of both next-gen consoles and is upgradeable for free on both platforms with Xbox’s Smart Delivery serving also offering cross-progression for those who want to carry a save over to their new console.