Harold Halibut Is A Stop-Motion Adventure In Space That Looks Absolutely Gorgeous

Although it has been in development at Slow Bros. since 2016, a brand new story trailer has catapulted Harold Halibut into the limelight. The gorgeous hand-crafted, stop-motion space adventure and has the look and feel of a Wes Anderson film.

Harold Halibut stars its eponymous hero, a young lab assistant, as he’s forced to endure the monotony of life aboard a spaceship submerged in an alien ocean. Meanwhile, the ship’s leading minds scour for a way to free themselves and settle elsewhere.

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Although the game’s launch window hangs on a tenuous promise of “coming soon-ish”, we’re excited to see what comes of Harold Halibut.

Feel free to follow the team’s updates at the game’s official website, which also features a dive into just how Harold Halibut is crafted.

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