The Next Need For Speed Is Apparently Going To Be A Mix Of Photo-Realism And Anime

The next instalment in the Need for Speed franchise, which has been reported as coming to new hardware only, is apparently going to opt for a photo-realistic aesthetic mixed with certain elements of anime.

While speaking on his podcast Grubbsnax, industry insider Jeff Grubb made mention of the upcoming racer’s unique art direction.

“It’s going to be photo-realistic, but it’s going to have on top of that, anime elements,” Grubb said. (Thanks to VGC for the transcript.)

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He likened the style to what you’d see in car commercials, noting that players might expect to see “cartoon flames” and things of that nature. Grubb is also of the belief that the upcoming Need for Speed will be set in a fictionalised version of the city of Chicago called Lake Shore City.

As reported previously, Need for Speed is expected to launch later this year, but we should expect confirmation as well as an official title, date, and platforms sometime in the near future.