Borderlands 3 PS5

Borderlands 3 Is Free On The Epic Games Store Right Now

Grab it before the next mystery free game arrives!

As part of its Mega Sale event, the Epic Games Store is giving away some extra-special games in its usual rotation of free titles.

Epic is keeping each of the free games a secret until they drop, but the first one has arrived and we now know that it’s 2019’s Borderlands 3.

The much-loved looter shooter from Gearbox will be available for anyone with an EGS account to download for free right now and up until May 27, at which point the next mystery game will be revealed and become available.

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The Mega Sale itself brings discounts of up to 75% off a huge range of games and game add-ons and also includes an absolutely insane offer with limitless 25% off coupons when users spend over AUD $22.99 on games. Check out how to take full advantage of that offer here.