Triangle Strategy Review

Triangle Strategy Is One Of The Year’s Best And It’s Out Now On PC

Don't miss this HD-2D strategy gem!

Back in March of this year, we reviewed Square Enix’ new HD-2D strategy RPG, Triangle Strategy, and awarded it a 9/10 with our only real grip being some visual shortcomings clearly held back by the Nintendo Switch hardware.

Consider that one problem solved then, with the game hitting PC today via Steam just seven months after its Switch-exclusive launch.

For $79.95 you can snag what should in theory be the definitive edition of Triangle Strategy with the same, compelling narrative and characters and fiendishly addictive SRPG battle system, now playable in higher resolutions with smoother performance. Check it out here:

Our own Steven Impson said of the original Switch launch, “Triangle Strategy is pretty special. Through its challenging yet adaptive battle system it is approachable to newcomers to the genre while still offering an engaging challenge to veterans. Over the forty or so hours it took for my complete play through I felt like I got to know some wonderfully written characters through a story that took some surprising and unexpected turns, and since I had to fight so hard both on the battlefield and in conversation – the path I took and the outcome of the story felt truly mine. An excellent strategy RPG all around.”

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We also found the early Steam reviews from today to be… promising:

triangle strategy steam review

Take a look at the PC launch trailer for Triangle Strategy below: