hades 2

Hades 2 Has Surprise-Launched In Early Access On PC Alongside Rave Reviews

Hell yeah.

After a short Technical Test period in which it was able to iron out some last remaining “key issues,” developer Supergiant Games has stealthily dropped its hugely-anticipated sequel, Hades II, in early access for PC.

Despite debuting overnight, the early sentiment is already hugely positive. The first lot of critical reviews of the game’s early access state has already arrived with almost universal praise, and the user review rating on Steam is sitting nicely on “Overwhelmingly Positive.”

IGN’s review notes that the game already has double the content of the original, and although there’s still plenty of work to be done on the road to a full release (which will seemingly happen in 2025) it’s a fantastic experience out of the gate.

TheGamer closed their review by simply saying, “If Hades 2 can keep up this momentum, we could have yet another classic on our hands,” with PCGamesN heaping the highest praise by writing, “Hades 2 is flawless, perfecting the roguelike genre in a way its predecessor almost managed to do. Its incoming additions aren’t required to complete it – this version of the game is refined, advanced, and wonderful. They will, however, enhance an already breathtaking experience beyond comprehension.”

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If you’re itching to get into Hades 2, you can do it right now by picking up the Early Access version on Steam for $43.95.

The studio boldly suggests waiting it out if you’d prefer the complete experience, saying, “For many players, it’s a good idea to wait for the complete v1.0 before diving in, as Hades II will grow and improve during Early Access, and the true ending of the story won’t be available until then. But, if you like the idea of seeing the game evolve over time, and watching the story unfold more gradually, then Early Access is probably for you!”

The first Major Update for the game is due out “later this year” and the team fully expects Early Access to last through to at least the end of 2024.