Former Sony Employee Has Slammed Those Who Request No Man’s Sky Refunds

Shahid Kamal Ahmad is Sony’s former Strategy Content Director. In his time in this role, he had worked with many Indies to secure them as exclusives for PlayStation consoles. Shahid has gone on an absolutely scathing Twitter rant slamming those who have opted to get refunds on their purchase of No Man’s Sky, claiming that the game is a work of art no matter what people thought of it, and it isn’t up to them to just decide that they want to get a refund on the game after playing the game for a significant amount of time.

Whilst it’s well-documented that No Man’s Sky is missing some key features that were promised through the games’ marketing, it’s a pretty unprecedented event for both Steam and Sony to be issuing refunds to those that have played the game for a significant amount of time.

You can find the string of tweets below.