Epic Far Cry 5 Poster Reveals Extremist Religious Cult

Ubisoft has released the first key piece of artwork for the upcoming Far Cry 5 and pretty much confirms that the game will take place in present day Montana.

The image is titled ‘The Last Supper’ and features men with beards at a table hiding all kinds of weapons clearing bowing down to an ominous looking man. It looks like they all could be apart of some cult, but it’s hard to tell exactly what kind of group were looking at.

There’s also a pretty awesome guy on the ground with his hands tied up with the word “sinner” on his back which means we could be looking at some kind of religious cult.



It’s quite possible that the guy in the middle is the main villain in the game with the protagonist potentially being the one tied up? Regardless, it looks like we’re set for something totally different and that’s exactly what I wanted from the Far Cry series. It looks like it could it could be relatable and a little more down to earth than previous stories.

We’ll get our first proper look at the game in the next 48 hours when Ubisoft lift the lid on the first proper trailer.


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