EB Games’ Swap ‘n’ Play Game Rental Subscription Is Now Live

We reported yesterday that EB Games would be launching a new gaming rental/subscription service in the immediate future and it’s now gone live on their website.

As we said, it’s currently only available to South Australian residents (although we’ve reached out to EB to see if they plan to broaden this) and it appears that these customers can try it out immediately.

Basically, you pay $20 a month and can rent as many preowned games as you want (one at a time). You can find the listing on EB Games website HERE. 

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It’ll be interesting to see how this does. It’s definitely a model that is suited to a more casual gamer and a great way of combatting the current EB Rental system that we know gamers love to use.

Listen to Shannon, Jake and Matt talk about the EB Games Swap ‘n’ Play Service among many others things on episode 112 of The Start Cast.

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