Knack 2 Has Been Free On The Australia/NZ PlayStation Store For Over Two Hours

UPDATE: It has now been removed from the PlayStation Store. As we mentioned earlier, Knack 2 is a very decent platformer that you should look at picking up. You can check out our bargain guide HERE!

Knack 2 only launched this morning in Australia and New Zealand, but it’s seemingly been free since it went up on the PlayStation Store.

A NeoGAF thread popped up about two hours ago detailing that the full game (complete  with pre-order bonuses) was free on both the Australian and New Zealand PlayStation Store and it’s still available to download.Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 8.35.18 am

Now, we’ll leave it to you to decide whether to grab this one. It’s quite likely that Sony will revoke licenses of anyone who got it for free. You can find it on the PlayStation Store HERE.

We reviewed Knack 2 yesterday and it’s a massive improvement on the original game. We’d recommend putting your pennies behind it and picking it up in stores.