Early NBA Live 18 Reviews Suggest The Game Is Actually Good

We’ve only just got our copy of NBA Live 18, so it’s way too early for us to have a definitive opinion. So far there’s only a handful of reviews on the internet, but they each suggest that NBA Live 18 is actually a good and fun game that has benefited well from an extra year in development. They also suggest that it’s a return to the arcadey brilliance that made NBA Live so good to begin with.

There were worrying signs earlier this week when EB Games and JB Hi-FI both unleashed really cheap day one prices (which you should probably get on quickly if you’re thinking about picking it up).

NBA Live 18 has a current Metacritic average of 80 which is definitely above the last few games.

Attack Of The Fanboy said in their review: The extra time that EA took with NBA Live 18 apparently turned out to be the for the best.  This is definitely the best game they’ve put out in a while, and they’ve built a solid foundation for the franchise moving forward.”

Cheat Code Central (yes they still exist) said: While NBA Live 18 often trips up a bit when it comes to being a “fun video game,” it casts enough nets to nail the “sports sim” deal and is creative enough to stand out amongst its peers.

Sporting News probably had the most glowing review saying: “NBA Live 18” is closer to being a really good game than many would have anticipated, even after a year off for the series. It offers refreshingly simplified and genuinely fun gameplay with an excellent career mode. Deficiencies in other areas of the game hamper its appeal as a total package, making it difficult to recommend as more than an alternative to its competition, but it’s still important to recognize this may finally be the turnaround year that “NBA Live” has been seeking since the current console generation began.”

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