A Destiny 2 Ramen Pop-up Is Coming To PAX Australia

Activision has today announced that Destiny 2 inspired Ramen is coming to PAX Australia. Activision is partnering with Izakaya and Sake Bar, Akachochin to bring Destiny 2 inspired Ramen to the restaurant.

It’s no secret that Spicy Ramen is one of character, Cayde-6’s favourite dishes in the game. As one of Destiny 2’s most beloved characters, the Destiny 2 x Akachochin pop-up celebrates Cayde-6’s devotion to Spicy Ramen to deliver a fun, one-off dining experience for Destiny 2 fans and PAX visitors.

Akachochin offers traditional Japanese food twisted into modern bursts of flavour. At PAX AUS, visitors will be able to find out what food fuels a Guardian with three delicious Ramen recipes, inspired by Destiny 2 characters. On offer will be Cayde-6’s Spicy Ramen in all its glory, as well as the Zavala Ramen with Miso Broth and Ikora Rey Ramen with Soy Broth.

The Destiny 2 x Akachochin pop-up will be located at ‘The Common Lawn’ at the Melbourne Convention Centre, 27th – 29th October.