We Probably Won’t Be Seeing Anthem Until Next Year

Though no concrete release date for Bioware’s stunning multiplayer title Anthem had been set, it was expected it might release at some stage in 2018. Sadly, Kotaku has reported that the game won’t release this side of Christmas.

Of course, Anthem looks like an ambitious project, stunning in scope, so it’s no surprise that they’re going to take their time with it, especially after the Mass Effect: Andromeda debacle. Kotaku’s report suggests there have been internal concerns at Bioware in the face of gaming’s toxicity issues and the mounting pressures to deliver in the age of entitlement.

EA’s comically villainous persona isn’t helping matters either, as online personalities are forever at the ready to torpedo most things the publisher does.

So, we hope things smooth out for the team at Bioware and that they’re able to deliver the game they want to make. Because it can’t be denied that the game shown off last year was objectively bad ass.

Expect Anthem to roll out sometime in 2019.