The Original Spyro The Dragon Games Are Apparently Coming To PS4 This Year

After Crash Bandicoot’s remastered N.Sane Trilogy sold like hotcakes, it’d be no surprise that other Sony properties might receive the same facelift and spruce up for this generation’s consoles. According to Kotaku – who cite sources familiar with the project – all three of Insomniac’s platformer classics will be reimagined along with the promise of “new content” complimenting the return.

It’s rumoured to be announced as early as next month with a Q3 2018 window in sight. A September launch is likely according to sources, which makes sense as it’d line up with the series’ 20th anniversary.

The rumour also states that the Spyro the Dragon collection would be exclusive to PlayStation 4 for a year.

(via Kotaku)