No Nudity Allowed in AC Origin’s New Discovery Mode

Assassin’s Creed: Origin’s is receiving a new mode for the game, Discovery Mode, that allows users to explore the game’s Ancient Egyptian setting. Whilst the mode will allow users to explore the a well realised and historically accurate reproduction of Ancient Egypt, there will be no nudity along the Nile.

According to images shared by ResetEra user, Plumpbiscuit, in addition to omitting any combat or violence from the new mode, the genitals and breasts of statues within the game’s world have been censored.

The mode, available as a free update for the core game now, is indented as an educational tool for people wishing to learn about Ancient Egypt. Does it therefore make sense to censor this nudity?

  1. I think this would be in part to it being a stand alone purchase as well if you don’t have the game? I could be wrong but i’m sure i read that you could purchase separately if you don’t own the game. Could be because its not rated? They didn’t want to get in trouble? I dunno. I don’t get these millennials

  2. If you want to use AC origins as an educational tool, fine. But I am pretty sure those statues weren’t covered in those times.

    It’s like doing an educational video on Ancient Rome and its ancient statues and covering up the bits and pieces. No…you just don’t..its inaccurate.

    1. and then the concerned mothers brigade get wind of it and cause a massive shitstorm for Ubisoft over something absolutely trivial in the greater context. They’re not trying to rewrite history and claim there was no obscenity in this period, they’re making a conscious decision based on context and audience to keep objectionable material which has little to no overall impact on the package out.

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