Oddworld: Abe’s Origins Is A Beautiful Collection That You Should Definitely Kickstart

Have you got your nostalgia goggles ready?

Indie By Design, in conjunction with both Oddworld Inhabitants and Limited Run Games have banded together to create the book you didn’t know you were missing from your life.

Oddworld: Abe’s Origins is filled to the brim with concept art, game design documents and more from Oddworld Inhabitants, neatly collected and presented in a hardcover book lovingly adorned with Abe’s face. Launched on Kickstarter, the project aims to reach a total of £82,287.

For £30 (approximately AUD$55) this wonderful piece of history can be yours; but if you’ve got more cash to burn (and an urge to replay these classics) you can pledge £60 (AUD$110) and receive the Oddworld: Abe’s Origins Game Collection, which features both Abe’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exoddus in a stunning PC DVD set, including an instruction booklet and big box PC packaging. This game collection will not be released separately, and only comes with the higher-tier pledge.

The project will only be funded if it reaches the goal by April 20 – but as of writing, it is currently at 88% of its initial goal – so if you intend on backing, now’s your chance to do it!

You can find the Kickstarter link HERE