Fortnite Season 4 Is Only Hours Away So Part Of The Map Is Probably Getting Exploded Today

After weeks and weeks of teasing, Fortnite Season 3 is finally coming to an end at roughly 6pm (AEST) tonight. The game will then go for maintenance before Season 4 kicks in. We have absolutely no idea what Season 4 holds outside of the fact that it’s likely to be super hero themed.


It’d be shocking if comets/meteors didn’t knock out some parts of the maps. All clues have suggested that either Tilted Towers or Dusty Depot would get hit, but it’s completely unclear how this would happen. Will the map just be changed when maintenance is over, or will it be a slow change over the course of season 4?

The super hero theme does seem to fit in with the fact that the world is being invaded by aliens (as recognised by UFOs in the sky).

If the map does change, this could be the first big change that Fortnite has seen since it was released. Epic has stated that they do plan to make changes to the map eventually.

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Whilst we don’t have an exact time, Epic has confirmed that the game will go down for maintenance at 6pm, but considering it is a major one, it’s unclear how long the game will be down for. It’s likely that they’ll announce on their socials once it comes back online, but it could be a number of hours before we’re able to jump on again.


Season 3 was huge for the game. We got brand new weapons as well as resources such as vending machines which completely changed the game. Guided rocket launchers and stick grenades completely changed the game and portable forts were a game-changer for newcomers.

It’s an exciting time for Fortnite players and we’ll obviously keep you posted as soon as anything major happens in regards to map changes.