Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars Got A Release Date

Ubisoft has today revealed that Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars will release on Tuesday, the 17th of July.

Lost On Mars is the second of three major DLC pieces for Far Cry 5 and will see Nick Rye travel to Mars to deal with an alien threat.

Here’s what Ubisoft has revealed about the DLC so far:

Nick Rye is teleported hostile planet to help his buddy Hurk thwart an alien invasion of Earth. This adventure gives players a new arsenal of alien weaponry, including the Blaster of Disaster, Hellfire and Morphinator, while also introducing a new transversal tool with Space Jets. Humankind’s future is in the hands of the game’s most notorious guns-for-hire. Time to squash some bugs.

If you’ve got the season pass, you’ll be able to download the DLC for free, otherwise you’ll be able to purchase it separately

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