Nathan Fillion Has Hinted Strongly At His Involvement In Something Uncharted

It’s been spoken about for ten years, the dream casting of Nathan Drake in an Uncharted film. In his prime at the helm of Firefly, Nathan Fillion was perfect for the role. Though it’s ten years later and he’s nearing 50, these hopes and dreams might finally be realised as Fillion has hinted strongly that there’s some Uncharted news coming.

He took to his Instagram to not so subtly hint that he might be assuming the role of Nathan Drake in the upcoming feature film which is already said to feature Tom Holland unless plans have once again been shuffled.

As you can see, the post features Canadian rapper Drake and the unmistakable motto of Sir Francis Drake “sic parvis magna”. Fillion also included the date of July 16, 2018, to the post suggesting that the news will be made official very soon.

He’s since posted another entry which features all kinds of maps, magnifying glasses and journals.

Though it’s been the dream casting for so long, it’s hard to actually fathom it could be happening. The nature of the project is obviously unknown and if it is tied to the Tom Holland film, does that mean the script has once again been changed up? There’s no doubt that if the film follows the games and has an older Drake traipsing around in between flashbacks of his childhood, there are no two better, charismatic actors for the part of Nathan Drake.

Colour us excited for when the news drops in a few days.