A Bunch Of Overwatch Tees Are Coming To Uniqlo Australia

It’s been confirmed that the Blizzard collection is finally coming to Uniqlo in Australia on August 6th.

The collection features clothes from Blizzard franchises such as Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Diablo III, StarCraft III, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone.

The Overwatch collection in particular is definitely eye grabbing. It features T-shirts based on D.va, Lucio and other characters.

You can find the whole range HERE or head in-store on August 6th.


World of Warcraft – Declare your allegiance to the Alliance or champion the Horde in this set of shirts featuring the factions and heroes of World of Warcraft.

Overwatch – The world could always use more heroes! Suit up in four new Overwatch T-shirts, including shirts featuring Korean MEKA pilot and esports superstar D.Va and Brazilian DJ Lúcio.

Diablo III – Level up your T-shirt collection with two fiery Diablo designs featuring Diablo, the Lord of Terror—legendary additions to any demon hunter’s wardrobe.

StarCraft II – Build and expand your T-shirt collection with two StarCraft II designs featuring the insignias of the Earth-born terrans, psi-powered protoss, and hive-minded zerg.

Heroes of the Storm – Iconic heroes and villains from across Blizzard’s game universes unite in two new T-shirt designs featuring Heroes of the Storm. 

Hearthstone – Play your cards right and add a brand-new Hearthstone T-shirt to your collection, featuring a design that evokes the spirit of a friendly, crackling tavern fire.