A Mysterious Red Dead Redemption II Box Showed Up Today

Earlier today we received a package from Rockstar Games. At first, I was taken aback because Rockstar almost never send out anything (their last game was released almost five years ago for a start).

Once I saw the Red Dead Redemption II logo on the box I was even more surprised. It’s not uncommon to be sent gaming swag, but once again, this is from Rockstar and secondly Red Dead Redemption is still almost three months away.

Opening the box, however I was a little bit disappointed. Whilst there’s some cool swag inside (that you can see below), I was hopeful for confirmation that more Red Dead Redemeption 2 information was around the corner.

The box included a Red Dead Redemption II t-shirt, a mug and a couple of stickers.

Rockstar had been teasing that we’d get more information about the game this week, so I was hoping to uncover something that would tell us more about the game (or an upcoming reveal) but there’s literally nothing that I can see leads me to any information.

Regardless, it’s clear at this point that Rockstar will begin ramping up their marketing for the game. It’s crazy to think that Red Dead Redemption II is will be one of the biggest game launches of this generation and we still haven’t seen gameplay (and many general details are still left unknown).

Another major portion of Red Dead Redemption II will be the online portion, which Rockstar hasn’t spoken about at all. Grand Theft Auto V has continued to sell nearly 100 million copies over the last five years, majorly due to Rockstar continuing to support it with free content.

Red Dead Redemption II releases on October 26th for PS4 and Xbox One. Let’s hope we get some more information soon.