Red Dead Redemption 2

A Rating For Red Dead Redemption 2 On Nintendo Switch Has Appeared

"It's an incredible journey through old American history."

Hot off of the heels of the release of the original Red Dead Redemption on Nintendo Switch (and PS4), which was similarly outed early by rogue ratings board listings, it seems as though a Nintendo Switch-specific rating for its 2018 sequel, the aptly titled Red Dead Redemption 2, has also appeared.

Or, at least information for the Switch has been added to an existing rating on the Brazilian Government’s parental rating portal. The discovery was made by X user @necrolipe, who has explained that while the original rating is dated for September 2018 (ie, just before the game launched on PS4, Xbox One and PC) the Switch information has been added recently – though we don’t know exactly when, casting a rather large cloud of doubt over whether this means anything.

Speaking of clouds, it’s hard to say whether a port of Red Dead Redemption 2 would even work on the Switch without resorting to the notorious cloud streaming solution. We did also get a peek behind the curtain at Xbox recently as part of the Great Leak of September 2023, where it was revealed that the folks at Microsoft were expecting a current-gen SKU of Red Dead Redemption 2 to have launched as early as last year.

We gave the Nintendo Switch version of Red Dead Redemption a solid 7.5/10 in our review, saying “The Switch port of Red Dead Redemption is a faithful way to get into the world of Red Dead. It looks good as long as you adjust expectations and consider the game’s age, and performs consistently well in both handheld and docked modes. While many aspects will feel dated, I still had a fun time exploring the old west with John during the last gasps of the American frontier.”