A Limited Edition 2TB PS4 Pro Is Being Released To Celebrate 500 Million PlayStations Sold

Sony has today announced that 500 million PlayStations have been sold worldwide and to celebrate, they’re doing something special.

On August 24th (Australian date to be confirmed), Sony will release 50,000 of these translucent blue PlayStation 4 Pro consoles which feature custom packaging, a translucent dark blue console, a matching DualShock 4 controller, PlayStation Camera, Vertical stand as well as a mono headset. The console will also come with a 2TB hard drive for the first time. Each system will also have a copper plate on the front with its limited edition serial number etched on.

Sony will also released a 500 Million Limited Edition DualShock 4 as well as a 500 Million Limited Edition Gold Wireless Headset.

We’re awaiting Australian details, which will likely come in the morning. Due to Sony saying that it’s coming worldwide, it sounds like we’ll be be getting it but it will be extremely limited. It’ll cost $499 USD so I’d be on $699-$749 in Australia.