Aussies Are Selling The PS4 Pro ‘500 Million’ For Ridiculous Prices

Last week, Sony announced the gorgeous translucent blue Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Pro to celebrate 500 million PlayStations sold over the last 24 years. 

EB Games, JB Hi-Fi and The Gamesmen all listed the console (with restrictions that each person could only buy one). They were sold out in about an hour, and obviously, a lot of people bought them with the intention to on-sell.

Honestly, I’m quite surprised to see how much they’re already going for on eBay. It’s not only the price that they’re listed for, but rather the amount of bids that each auction has.

There’s some auctions that are sitting at over $1,500 with more than 30 bids, which seems quite surprising. Not bad considering they were only $700 to buy at retail (and they don’t even have the stock in their hands yet).

There’s also a few ridiculous auctions over the $2,000 mark, but these are all buy it now auctions, which haven’t sold to date.

It’s officially out on August 24th. It’ll be interesting to see if the price continues to rise or if they go down after the initial hype has gone away. With only 50,000 being produced worldwide, it’s unlikely anymore will be produced worldwide.