Fortnite’s Enormous Sky Rift is Disappearing

Introduced at the beginning of Season 5.0 when Fortnite’s rocket launch punched a hole in the sky, the enormous rift in the sky seems to be on the way out.

Since the patch this last weekend, the rift has reduced in size. The rift, of course, brought it is the smaller rifts at ground level which helped to change up the pace of the game. Jumping through one would teleport you up into the air and redeploy your glider, allowing you to navigate the map faster and save yourself from the ever-encroaching storm.

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IGN’s report suggests the most recent update began the closure of the rift, which will incrementally shrink every day until it closes entirely next week. According to @FNBRLeaks over on Twitter, the rift ought to disappear altogether come August 21st.

With only 40 or so days until the end of the season, it’s likely the rift disappearing is making way for whatever will define Season 6.0.