Fortnite Halloween Costumes Exist Because Of Course They Do

Fortnite is inescapable at the moment. Its popularity means it is starting to takeover everything, including Halloween. Over at, which unfortunately does not ship to Australia, a whole range of Fortnite themed Halloween costumes are available for order. There’s also a party pack, and even a $500 USD inflatable Battle Bus to decorate your front yard on Halloween night.

Of course, there’s a bunch of kid-sized costumes, but there’s a selection of adult-sized costumes too. Skull Trooper, Brite Bomber, Dark Voyager, Black Knight and Crackshot are all available and officially licensed. There’s also some blankets and a Loot Llama Piñata.

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Undoubtedly, you’re disappointed that these incredible products aren’t available for purchase here in Australia, but never fear. Given the game’s popularity here, I hope it won’t be long before you too can Orange Justice and Floss all night long at a Fortnite themed party all of your own.