Insomniac Could Be Announcing A New Game Next Week

Surely not, right? Spider-Man is just out and going gangbusters. It’s the fastest selling game this year. With more content on the way too, surely they are not ready to announce another title.

But if an in-game Tweet in Spider-Man is to be believed, they might be about to do just that. Over on Reddit, user AccuratePrimary shared a screenshot from the games menu that displays Twitter-like messages that often describe Spider-Man’s in-game activities. They are all fictional, but one was spotted by AccuratePrimary, reading “hey did you hear that insomniacgames is announcing a new game next week?”

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It’s worth noting that ‘igTedPrice’ is the real-life Twitter handle of Insomniac’s Founder and CEO, Ted Price. Insomniac is a big studio and likely already thinking about their next project (and likely already working on it) but are they so soon to announce it? We shall see.

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