Footage Of Telltale’s Stranger Things Game Has Emerged

The demise of Telltale Games is tremendously upsetting for several reasons, hundreds of people, some of the best storytellers in the industry, have lost their jobs, resulting in the cancellation of a few games that were in development. The cancellation of one of these projects, their take on the hit Netflix Spielberg-esque, sci-fi adventure Stranger Things is a particularly disappointing outcome for gamers.

Footage has emerged overnight of a vertical slice of the game supposedly in action. The footage, collected by PCGamesN across numerous unverified Reddit and 4chan posts, seems to depict gameplay in an early build of Telltale’s Stranger Things. Whilst we cannot confirm its authenticity, it would appear to be legitimate as something so detailed and sophisticated is pretty tough to fake. In the wake of Telltale’s closure too, employees have been sharing behind-closed-doors stories and memories from their time at the studio, including the tidbit that The Walking Dead was nearly a Left 4 Dead game.

The first video shows Will walking around the Byers household whilst Joyce is on the phone, presumably before he becomes trapped in the Upside Down, as per the show. The second clip sees him interacting with the environment in a typical Telltale fashion. In the third clip below, Will is gifted a TRS-80, much to his delight.

We also get a glimpse of the Demogorgon in action, presumably chasing Will through the Upside Down, where there’s a brief section of first-person gameplay, a rarity in Telltale games. There’s more first-person as Will climbs under a bed to hide from the monster. It actually looks pretty terrifying and is making me more upset that we’re no longer getting this game.

It’s pretty sucky that this might be all we ever see of Telltale’s Stranger Things project, but even suckier that Telltale can no longer make games like this. To see what they would have done with Stranger Things would have been really cool, but hopefully, we’ll get a Stranger Things game from someone, someday.

UPDATE: In a statement to Polygon, Netlfix has stated they were “saddened by news about Telltale Games,” and “are in the process of evaluating other options for bringing the Stranger Things universe to life in an interactive medium.”