Red Dead Redemption 2 Requires A Whopping 105GB Of Storage Space

Time to get spring cleaning! Often with a new game release, we have to clear out some storage space on our consoles to accommodate the new game, but you might have to cull a few from the hard drive to fit the sizeable install for Red Dead Redemption 2.

If the recently released packaging for the PlayStation Pro and Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle is to be believed, Rockstar’s highly anticipated game will require 105GB of storage space on your hard disc drive. In the fine print of the box the three-digit number is visible, and – if I’m honest – slightly intimidating.


It’s increasingly common for games to have massive install sizes like this. Grand Theft Auto V also had a sizable 70GB+ install, whilst Call of Duty titles and Final Fantasy XV installs ballooned over 100GB too. Hopefully, we’ll be able to install the majority of Red Dead off the disc and not have too much to download.